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Power Rankings: End of Regular Season

Well that’s a wrap folks; the regular season has officially come and gone. We’re now left with 12 teams all fighting for the all important Lombardi trophy. Now that the season has come to rest, so do the power rankings. As always if you think you can do better, leave your own rankings in the […]

Power Rankings: Week Twelve

As we near the final stretch of the NFL regular season, although the races are all still very tight, we’re finally starting to see distinct separation between the have’s and the have not’s.  If the Superbowl were held today, even money would be on the Pats and Falcons facing off in Dallas, but with the […]

Power Rankings: Week Six

Another week, more upsets, what else is new? The oddest season in recent NFL history continues on. As always if you think you can do better than my rankings, leave your own rankings in the comments below. Teams in bold were on the bye week and their position remains unaffected. 1. New York Jets (5-1).  Yes they escaped […]

Power Rankings: Week Five

  Another week has come to pass in the NFL, and the carousel of insanity continues to churn. Upsets with the one and two ranked teams from last week have this feeling like college basketball. As you might imagine there’s been a shakeup at the top. As always if you think you can do better […]