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First Look: Ravens vs. Lions

  Dome sweet dome- No team in the NFL has had to deal with more weather problems this year than the Ravens. In their season opener, the Ravens had a weather delay against the Broncos due to lightning. A few weeks ago, the weather in Chicago caused a two hour game delay. And of course, how […]

Matchup’s to watch: Bengals vs. Ravens

1. Green vs. Secondary- Bengals star receiver A.J. Green is a matchup nightmare given his size and athleticism. The Ravens secondary has struggled recently with their coverage and communication. They cannot afford to have any problems on Sunday or else Green will make them pay for it. Advantage: Green 2- Ravens O-Line vs. Bengals D-Line- With Bengals all-pro […]

First Look: Bengals vs. Ravens

1. Home sweet home- The Ravens haven’t played a home game in over three weeks now and nothing cures a little cold streak like some home cooking. The fans know this is really the Ravens last chance at not only making a push for the postseason, but also any hope of winning the division. The Bengals […]