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Sign the Rookies ASAP

CBA Update: Progress? The NFL owners unanimously approved the new collective bargaining agreement on Thursday. Now we wait and see how the players respond. Favorably we hope, but there are already some grumblings that this new CBA is not satisfactory to the players. Did the owners jump the the gun on the vote? The wait continues. […]

NFL Lockout: What Owners Are Really Saying?

Ever wonder what the NFL owners really are saying behind closed doors? No one really knows, but through our “anonymous” sources we have found out. Take a look at these sensationalistic statements: Steve Biscotti, Baltimore: – “Sorry I didn’t respond to your e-mail Roger. My inbox is full of messages that read “Fire Cam” in the […]

3 Takes: Will the Players Be Forced into an Agreement?

3 Takes: Will the players be forced into an agreement? It’s looking like the players are going to have to give into an agreement. In fact, reports are floating around that the players and owners are in negotiations.  The Ravens Gab writers give their ‘take’ on the players and their predicament over the lockout. Matt Jergensen: Player […]