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The “Biggest Gut-Punch Loss” in Ravens History? SI Has a Recent One

Sports Illustrated has put out a piece on the “Biggest gut-punch loss” for each and every franchise, the Ravens included. The game that the author the piece, Doug Farrar, picked is a recent one – a game that stopped the Ravens from getting to the AFC Title game last season against the Colts. Baltimore Ravens: […]

Week 1: Jean-Paul Bergeaux’s List of Things

Week 1 list of- Things I Know Things I Think I Know Things I Know I Don’t Know. Things I Know: The NFL is won in the trenches. Rarely can a team win consistently without winning here. The Cowboys proved that front and center on primetime television. The Colts CLEARLY lost on both sides of […]

Despite a Win; First Preseason Outing Showed Little

The Baltimore Ravens exhibition win over the New England Patriots last Thursday was uneventful except for the following:(1) Ravens HC John Harbaugh had the team playing crisp, mistake-free football for the most part unlike the team’s past performances under former HC Brian Billick;(2) the Ravens QB picture is still clouded since none of the three […]